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MedjetAssist is the leader in air medical evacuation protection with over 100,000 lives in it's
membership program. Domestic air medical evacuation averages $10,000 to $20,000, and
internationally, it can exceed $75,000. But not with the medical evacuation & travel assistance
protection of MedjetAssist. As a member, if you are ever hospitalized more than 150 miles
away from home, and require inpatient care, MedjetAssist will send a medically equipped and
staffed aircraft for bedside t bedside transport to the
hospital of your choice. The modest
annual or short-term membership fee is the only expenditure for this complete evacuation
protection for parties under age 75 with no claims forms, co-payments or deductibles

To date,
MedjetAssist has rescued 26 SCI members, some on safari in the far reaches of the
world, some simply on a business or personal trip with their family.

Particularly in Africa, and regions of the globe where Medjet has authorized air medical
evacuation affiliates capable of access, initial evacuation services may be performed from
remote, dirt airstrips if the injured or ill party requires inpatient hospital care. Most
importantly, unlike other evacuation services, MedjetAssist lets
you decide which hospital
will b your final destination. Other programs may require a life threatening illness or injury,
often have health questions & preexisting condition exclusions to enroll, & may only transport
the party to what
they consider to be the "nearest appropriate facility".

Care to learn more & enroll? Individuals from the U.S. Canada or Mexico may enroll
with annual membership rates of $250 (individual) or $385 (Family) by visiting us at
www.medjet.com/highdesert or by calling Medjet at 800-527-7478 or 205-595-6626
referring to High Desert Safari Consultants. Short term membership is also available.

Dennis Anderson
President, Safari Club

Whether you are on Safari or a
vacation near your home, there
is no better travel protection
than MedjetAssist. Be sure to
pack their card."

Mike Rogers
Host of SCI's Expedition Safari

"SCI's Expedition Safari
television program takes me
around the globe hunting exotic
and dangerous game and I can't
imagine traveling to these
locations without my
MedjetAssist membership."

Peter Greenberg
Author Travel Detective

"...MedjetAssist does the best
job for one very important
reason. The fine-print
disclaimers that you'll find in
other programs are virtually
eliminated...I strongly advise you
to consider this."
Medjet Assist
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Medjet Assist
Medjet Assist
Medjet Assist
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